Our mission

To bring manufacturing back to Europe. JTW Engineering offers an umbrella service for your outsourcing needs. We specialise in mass production and offer a local direct alternative to traditional outsourcing solutions. We offer consulting, engineering, design & manufacture tailored to your specific needs.


High Volume Outsourcing, Prototyping and Price Leadership Specialist

JTW Engineering provide you with a complete solution for outsourcing, leaving you able to concentrate on your core business safe in the knowledge that we will manage the entire project. We provide engineering & design services, expert manufacturing consulting, in-house manufacture, inspection & certification and finally delivery. We offer both mass production and prototyping for the most cost effective price worldwide.

Our unique approach and experience

We have broad experience worldwide in many sectors, including offshore, petrochemical, scientific, medical, automotive, motorsport and instrumentation. We do this with flexibility - for large production runs we optimise our entire facility to the task at hand. As such we guarantee to be the most cost effective option every time. Through proper price leadership, lateral thinking and good old fashioned hard work. We are conveniently located less than one hour from the largest port in Europe and have a global network of vetted suppliers and strict quality control systems in place. All of these factors mean you have to look no further.

Price Leadership & Consulting

We take an active interest in your project and look for areas to make savings for you. By maintaining close contact and regular communication we work with you to produce your outsourced parts to specifications. We will identify where savings can be made by assessing the supply chain and apply the latest technologies to the task at hand. Please see our case studies for examples of successful projects.

Industries served

Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Consumer Products, Electronics, Environmental, Government / Defense, Heavy Equipment, HVAC & Refrigeration, Machine Parts, Medical, MEMS, Plastic Engineering, Power Generation, Rubber, Semiconductor, Sports, Tooling, Telecommunications, Transportation, Turbomachinery

Various industries can be served including petrochemical, mining, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical, offshore, valve, optical, aerospace, automation and automotive. We also offer engineering and design assistance as well as part manufacturing facilities for high precision scientific instruments.

We have a dynamic machine shop with flexibility in mind. We have two high precision CNC machines, both are religiously maintained. A German built Monforts CNC lathe with live tooling and an American built Fadal 4-axis milling machine. We reduce costs by only taking additional machninery and manpower as and when needed. This results in massive savings that allow us to directly compete with more traditional mass production outsourcing solutions such as China, India or Eastern Europe. When you combine our skills, experience, location and approach you will see why we are your best choice.

We are accustomed to industry standards and have relevant experience no matter what your application is. We work within industry norms related to materials, certification and quality assurance. Please get in touch to discuss your particular project.


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